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Choosing a Piano Teacher in the Dorset area

A good piano teacher will:

Inspire and motivate you

  • He or she will evaluate your learning style, so they can support you in the best way.

Be able to play music you like

  • Some piano teachers are familiar with different types of music, others may specialise in one particular style.
  • A teacher who only plays show tunes might not be able to fine-tune your classical playing.
  • If you want to explore a wide spectrum of music, make sure your teacher’s knowledge can span that spectrum.

    Make lessons fun!

    • You want to find a teacher who is in love with their art, and is eager to share the joy that music can bring to you.
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    Tip: Ask if you can receive a trial lesson, or observe a lesson in progress so you can gauge the piano teacher’s individual style, charisma, and temperament.

    Musical notes

    Tip: Ask your potential piano teacher about his or her areas of expertise, and find out if they can help you reach your musical goals.

    Tip: Try to get a referral from a fellow student, or speak to a professional in the field who can give you some recommendations.

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